A Quick Look at the Worst Casino Bets

We have gathered together a list of the worst casino bets any player can make. You might even have tried and enjoyed any of these games in our list. The common denominator of these bets, as you might have guessed, is the high house edge.

A lot of these games are really popular on the floor, which sometimes make them kind of hard to refuse. You might have won some money in these games as well, which is not quite that bad. The bad side to it would indicate that you would have lost more times than the number of times you've won. Some of these games require some skill; some don't and are just plain games of chance. We'll present the worst games and bets in no particular order.

Playing video poker with no strategy in mind and without any knowledge regarding the pay schedules: One big rule about strategy games is to learn the game first and use your strategy. One of the best donors a casino ever gets is a player who plays using their hunches. A video poker machine is not exactly the same as a slot machine. The house edge jumps way beyond three percent when you play video poker without any prior knowledge, let alone any strategy to wit.

Playing blackjack without using basic strategy: The principle with video poker also works for blackjack. Sure, blackjack is easy to learn and play. But if you don't know basic strategy, it's almost like giving away your money. By doing so, you let the house gain more than five percent in house edge.

Let it ride is another popular game you'll find on the casino floor. The house edge for let it ride is about 3.5 percent. That fraction of a house edge above three percent will be reason enough to avoid this game.

Another bet any player should beware is roulette's five number bet. The house edge for this particular roulette bet is 7.29%.

Keno is another game in our list that players should shy away from. The house advantage for this game begins at a high 25 percent. Take note that the house edge just begins with this percentage.

Making a bet on just any slot machine on the casino floor will be classified as one of the worst casino bets you can make. Players should select a machine in the denomination that suits their bankroll. They should select one that's best for them.

Our list is not a comprehensive one, but it includes many of the worst wagers on the popular games. Some popular games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and others can become really good ones. It just depends if you use basic strategy or not. But there are wagers on such games that you should simply just avoid.