The Big Six Wheel, A Game that Has the Worst Casino Bets

The really smart casino players will often look for the games that have a low house edge and at least fair odds of winning. There are some table games out there that offers both, and some of these have the best odds and/or house edge. Smart players will definitely stay away from the worst casino bets on the floor.

One table game that we ought to think twice about is the Big Six Wheel or Wheel of Fortune. This is an old game brought in from carnivals and has been turned into a table game. This game actually has really tough odds and is packed with really high house edges in the wagers. The really smart players, and those who are out for the money, will simply turn away from this game once they see it.

For what it's worth, here's how the game goes. The wheel will usually have a diameter of six feet with 54 slots and a symbol on each slot. You'll find seven symbols on most of the wheels you'll see in casinos everywhere. The symbols used are Joker, the casino's logo, and the dollar amounts of one, two, five, ten, and twenty.

There'll be a table in front of the wheel with the said symbols on it and places for you to make your wagers. The dollar amounts you'll see will be your pay off if you get the winning slot. All you have to do is to place your chips on the symbol you like. When everyone has made their bets the wheel spins and when it stops the winner will be paid off.

The Wheel of Fortune is somewhat attractive due to the high pay off it offers. It is as high as 40 to one on the Joker and casino logo, but pays one to one for the one-dollar symbol. Second best pay off would be the 20-dollar at 20 to one. So what's the reason for having one of the worst casino bets?

One reason is that if you look at the wheel, you'll find that the odds of hitting that winning symbol isn't that good. The odds of hitting the symbol with the highest pay off would turn out to be 53 to one. But check this out, a lot of the casinos will only pay you 40 to one with that 53 to one odds.

But what really packs the punch is the house edge. The bets that have the highest payoffs (i.e. Joker and Casino Logo) also have the highest house edge at 24.07%. The lowest paying bet will have a high house edge of 11.1%.

Given these two factors, we can just step back and look for another game. The odds of winning and the house edge tell the real story.