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Learn Roulette and Avoid the Bad Bets

Roulette has long since been a part of any casino. The game is now a main stay among many casinos and you really can't say that a casino is complete without a roulette table. The roulette wheel has also become a symbol of a casino. Here's a little summary view of roulette and a little tip to avoid one of the worst casino bets.

If you really want to make some money when playing roulette making the right choice at the very start (even before you actually play the game) is already crucial. The first choice in roulette is not what bets you'll make but which wheel are you going to play on. There are two roulette wheels you'll definitely find in most casinos, which are the American and the European wheels.

The European wheel will have 37 slots on it while the American one has 38. The American variant of the wheel will have the "00" number on it. Everything else on both wheels is pretty much the same layout wise. The extra slot gives the American version a house edge of 5.26 percent, so it will be in our best betting interest to look for a European wheel.

Let's move on to the really crucial area - betting. The table layout may seem confusing at first since players have a lot of betting options on the layout. A little trivia is that the layout you'll be looking at was invented way back in 1842. To make things a lot easier, the layout is divided into to sections - the outside betting area and the inside betting area. The inside betting area is where the numbers are arranged in columns and rows. Everything else is the outside betting area where you can bet on groups of numbers, color, and if the number is odd or even.

Players can bet on any individual number, though the odds of that ever winning is really not that good it does pay a really high 35 to one. Like every other casino bet you make, the harder the odds the bigger the pay will be. The outside bets will have a lesser pay out since the odds of them winning are pretty good.

One bet that the really experienced players avoid is the five number bet or basket bet. It is among the worst casino bets you'll ever find. It has a house edge of 7.29%. You make this bet by placing your chips on the intersection of zero and one.

If you really want to make some money out of playing roulette then remember to play only the European wheels, choose the bets with better odds, and avoid the basket bet.