The Best Along With Worst Casino Bets - A Comparison

When you walk into a casino you'll find a lot of games on the floor. You'll find some games to be crowded with a lot of people and some will just be filled with a fair amount of folks trying their luck and having a good time.

One question that can come to mind is if a game is packed with lots of players does that mean that it's a really great game? How can I be sure if those games don't have the worst casino bets I'll find on the floor?

Come to think of it, a lot of the games we'll find on the casino floor will have a lot of bets that can be made on them. One thing is for sure, the really popular game, which usually draws the crowds, will have a mix of good bets and bad bets. Here are a few of the popular games you've probably played (or may have wanted to play) on a casino that have a mix of both the good bets and bad bets.

The game that you'll find that's really packed will be craps. The house edge on this casino game will range from nothing (i.e. zero) to 16.7%. One precaution for this game before you try it is to study the game. Learn as much of about it before laying your money on the line. One good tip will have to be to make the Odds Bets, which have the 0% percent house edge. The worst would have to be the Any Seven Bet which has a whopping house edge of 16.7%.

Next game is video poker. If you play the 9/6 machine and play it with optimal strategy the house edge comes down to 0.5%. But if you play the 6/5 machine that house edge goes up to five percent.

Next popular game would have to be blackjack. If you play the game using basic strategy the house edge also comes down to a neat 0.5%. You can also expect that percentage to rise if you don't use any strategy at all, especially if you take insurance, which has a house edge of eight percent.

Baccarat will be our next popular game. This game will have it's best bet as the Banker at 1.06% house edge. Unfortunately this also has a pretty high house edged Tie Bet at 14.4% house edge.

Our last featured game will have to be roulette. If you play the European wheel and surrender is allowed then the house edge goes down to a nifty 1.35%, whereas if you go to an American wheel and wager on the Five Numbers bet then you'll face a 7.9% house edge.

The games in our list contain the best and the worst casino bets you'll find on the floor. One good tip is to study the games before you try them out.