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Worst Casino Bets: Craps the Good and the Bad Wagers

Gambling in any casino (online or otherwise) will involve a lot of luck along the way. A lot of the games we find are games of chance. These games require a very minimal amount, if any, of players' skill in any particular sort of game. The question is how in the world is a casino able to keep up with all its operation costs? How does it keep being profitable if top casinos online rely on lady luck to shine down on them?

Any game, whether they involve a lot of skill or not, has the house edge riding on the casino's side. That's how the casino keeps earning. That house edge is no better pronounced than in the game of craps. The bets you'll find on the craps table layout will have varying degrees of house edge on them ranging from best to worst.

If we come into terms, then the only sensible strategy we can ever hope win on will be the one that would stay away from the ones that have the worst house edge in craps. Since we have so very little control, if any, on the outcome of the dice roll, this would appear to be the best option we might have in order to get a better chance of winning.

The craps bets we should avoid would be the following: The Field: this one has a house edge of 5.6%. Big Six/Big Eight: this one comes with a whopping 9.1% house edge, but that's not even the highest one. Horn: this comes with an even higher 12.5% house edge. Craps 2/Craps 12: this has the second highest house edge at 13.9%. Any Seven: this comes with a 16.7% house edge, the highest one in craps.

General piece of advice would be to avoid the wagers in craps that have the higher house edges. One group of wagers you should generally avoid would be the proposition wagers. These can be classified as among the worst casino bets you can find.

In contrast to that the following are the best bets you can have a try at when playing casino craps. The Pass, Don't Pass, Come, and the Don't Come bets all come with a house edge down to 1.4 percent. These come out as your best craps wager options. Furthermore, we suggest you try the odds wagers. They work very well with the four best wagers mentioned above.

By staying clear of the craps wagers that have the high house edges you get better chances at winning in this game. Remember to be wary of the worst casino bets.